eBay Sydney office design

Multinational e-commerce company, eBay, entrusted us to build a new home for its people in Sydney. The project continues a long-standing international collaboration.

Recently inaugurated, the space is one of the first globally to incorporate updated and refined brand direction. The key objective was to create a human-centric and agile environment that addresses the evolving needs of eBay’s people.

eBay Sydney workplace

Our journey began in early 2020 when we were tasked to reimagine the Sydney location. Later, a change in local management and the pandemic prompted a reassessment of the project’s vision. In response, our experts collaborated closely with all the stakeholders and the client’s global workplace and technology teams.

experiential branding workplace design

Through this process, we realised the need for a flexible and agile office space. An environment that accommodates changing work patterns, fosters engagement and encourages collaboration.

collaboration area eBay workspace

Conceived to support daily operations while aligning with eBay’s refreshed identity, the new space empowers people to perform at their best, regardless of their role or task at hand. Key aspects of the project include:

  • Incorporating branding to set a design precedent: We used our insights to design a workspace that captures eBay’s dedication to innovation and sparks creativity. Colours, materials and design elements are strategically used throughout the furniture, ceilings and wall graphics.
  • Elevating the experience: The focus was on choice and flexibility. From expansive team tables to versatile sit-stand desks and dedicated focus rooms, the workspace is curated for diverse working preferences. Digital screens and dynamic furniture further accentuate the environment’s multifunctional character.
  • Promoting a culture of collaboration: At the heart of our brief was fostering a culture of connectivity. The adaptable town hall, strategically placed at the centre of the workspace, is a focal point for client meetings, training, team events and socialising. A generous breakout area with acoustic booths, team tables and individual settings promotes seamless collaboration.
eBay Sydney workplace cafe

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