Starbucks China Coffee Innovation Park

On September 19th 2023, Starbucks announced the inauguration of its China Coffee Innovation Park (CIP) in Kunshan, Jiangsu. Spanning more than 80,000 sq m, the CIP stands as a pioneering model for China’s specialty coffee industry and champions Starbucks’ commitment to environmental sustainability. We played a role in this significant project by providing design solutions for the 2,000 sq m immersive Experience Centre, supporting Starbucks’ ambition to elevate China’s boutique coffee industry.

Experiential design Starbucks China

Setting it apart from standard manufacturing facilities, the CIP incorporates an Experience Centre into its design. We worked closely with the Starbucks team to develop a ‘Bean to Cup’ experience, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the journey through the lifecycle of coffee. By combining technology, sensory design and art, the space showcases the coffee process from origin to processing, roasting, packaging, distribution and brewing.

We strategically designed the Experience Centre’s workspace to encourage teamwork and support employee wellbeing. The area features fully equipped meeting rooms, a modern gym, and a mother’s room for privacy and comfort.

Coffee boutique Innovation Park China
Starbucks Coffee Innovation Park in China
Starbucks Kunshan Innovation Park

Reflecting Starbucks’ commitment to sustainability, the CIP adopts a variety of best practices, achieving LEED and WELL Platinum certifications, as well as the Three Star Rating from China’s Green Building program. Using eco-friendly materials, the facility features walls with ceramic red bricks made from recycled pottery and floors laid with terrazzo crafted from repurposed construction waste. Each tells a meaningful story of sustainability.

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Starbucks’ Coffee Innovation Park in China represents a significant milestone for the brand, while underscoring our commitment to helping clients achieve and advance their sustainability objectives. Connect with our experts to explore how we create spaces that align with and propel ESG ambitions forward.

Starbucks China Coffee Innovation Park Kunshan