Jason Li

Jason Li

Associate Director, DIST

Jason Li is a multifaceted professional with over a decade of experience at M Moser Associates where he has been instrumental in initiating the global Design Integration, Simulation, and Technology (DIST) group and leading it.

As our Associate Director of DIST, Jason has significantly contributed to the development of the in-house OpenBIM platform and driven advancements in design principles and technologies, while coaching and training designers across regional offices.

Jason has played a pivotal role in integrating sustainability and wellness principles into the company’s philosophy, while also significantly advancing the company’s technological capabilities and fostering partnerships with industry leaders. As an educator within the industry, he champions topics such as Building Information Modelling and the digitalisation of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC).

Jason is also recognised as the first WELL Accredited Professional (AP) in M Moser’s Southeast Asia (SEA) offices, reflecting his commitment to wellness initiatives. His comprehensive skills have proven invaluable in providing global high-profile clients with sustainable, wellness-oriented integrated design solutions.