Jason Li

Senior Associate, VRBIM

Jason is the lead architect of M Moser’s Building Experience Modelling ecosystem, an extensive, highly customisable Virtual Reality-based Building Information Modelling (VRBIM) methodology consisting mainly of SketchUp, LayOut, Trimble Connect and Unreal Engine. This innovative methodology works together with Field Technologies that include 3D Scanning, AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) among others, which enable our project teams to create and integrate VR experiences with BIM data throughout the life cycle of a project seamlessly, thereby enhancing the interoperability with traditional industrial platforms.

He designed, engineered, and created the collaborative workflow and methodology embedded with MEP / AV / IT and VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) as one seamless and well-rounded experience for everyone involved in our projects.

As the leader of M Moser’s VRBIM Technology Team, Jason and his team have grown to cover all global M Moser locations, actively bringing the latest technology and interoperable BIM practice to our clients. His role has further expanded towards educating staff and clients on design, parametric modelling, programming, construction, sustainability, and wellness.

He is a strong advocate for collaboration, integration, and innovation to empower learners with more practical knowledge.