Katherine Balfour

Kate Balfour, Senior Design Associate, M Moser

Senior Associate, Design

Over the past 12 years, Kate has worked within many market environments, from US Embassies to multi-family developments, hotels, healthcare and creative offices across Washington DC, Los Angeles and NYC. Leading influential teams in the design and development of spaces worldwide, she considers every new space an exciting opportunity to enhance our built environment. Approaching design alongside her appreciation for human interaction, her varied experiences in the field have helped her recognise the sociological connection between the built environment and the people who inhabit it. Believing that ‘space becomes place’ when a designer has provided an outlet for an emotional connection, she strives to make every project personal and impactful. Her innate understanding of branding and design and extensive knowledge of texture, colour, and material allows her to elevate commercial spaces above the ordinary and craft unique identities through thoughtful detailing.