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A regionally-inspired workplace rich with tradition

Airbnb, Beijing

For its Beijing offices, American online lodging marketplace Airbnb desired a space that would combine a contemporary look-and-feel with elements drawn from local Beijing cultural heritage. Together with Airbnb’s Environments team, we designed a space inspired by Chinese tradition with a striking, modern aesthetic.

At a glance

  1. Incorporating local Chinese heritage for a regionally-connected workplace.
  2. Embracing natural elements for a neutral backdrop.
  3. Cutting-edge technology helps bring the workplace into the future.
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Entering the space, visitors are greeted by an open reception design that makes the most of the building’s generous natural light and expansive views. Above the counter, Chinese lanterns draw the eye and give a subtle nod to the local culture. A welcoming earth tone in the waiting area and earthy red-orange tiles are punctuated by modern Chinese furniture.

Off the reception is a large canteen/town hall space. The counter wall was inspired by the quirky patterns seen in Beijing’s bustling streets. Hanging plants and greenery contrast urban modernism with nature. Clean furniture helps balance the various textures in the space.

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The main working area was inspired by Beijing hutongs, with acoustic panels used in place of typical grey bricks. Acoustically-sensitive finishes were selected for the open office environment. The main workspace is divided along the corner breakout areas by elements including wood, earth, water, fire and metal. Set along the corners, these elements function as alternative work points, or ad-hoc meeting spaces.

In line with other Airbnb workspaces, each of the meeting rooms was influenced by a different theme for a unique spatial experience. A wide variety of materials and furniture were procured to create each area. This required out-of-the-box thinking to establish home-like and durable spaces.

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Airbnb’s Beijing office features the latest technology for meetings and collaboration, combined with a range of sustainable materials. The result is a playful balance between modern features and a unique, Chinese-inspired look-and-feel.

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27,212 sq ft

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