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Inspiring a collaborative culture through design

Goodyear, Shanghai

Drawing from previous success in designing Goodyear’s Singapore office, we had the opportunity to transform the company’s Asia Pacific regional headquarters in Shanghai. We were tasked with creating an inspiring and collaborative environment that reflects the company’s pioneering spirit and dynamic brand qualities.

At a glance

  1. Upgrading workspaces to support collaboration and efficiency.
  2. Incorporating branded visual elements to foster a sense of belonging and embody the company culture.
  3. Encouraging positive behaviours through a flexible layout.
Goodyear design office in Shanghai

With a keen understanding of Goodyear’s needs, aspirations and vision, we developed the concept of “E-Motion”, a design scheme that blends innovation with care for people’s wellbeing. The result is a flexible, engaging and technology-driven workplace.

Goodyear Shanghai interior office

Creating spaces that employees truly use

Built around a flexible layout, the workplace now accommodates more staff while significantly improving space efficiency.  We created more usable spaces that cater to different employee needs, fostering collaboration, communication, and relaxation.

workspace interior design Shanghai

Additionally, we strategically placed workstations and open collaboration areas by windows to create a bright and relaxed atmosphere. Glass partitions are used for conference rooms, phone booths and other spaces to maximise natural light flow throughout the office.

With the changes from a pantry area to a work cafe concept, it encourages people to use the space to work , share, gather or collaborate.  People have changed to use the area more for it’s purpose.

Linh Ngo, HR Director China, PBUs & Functions, AP, Goodyear
Goodyear Shanghai pantry office

Celebrating Goodyear’s brand culture

We have embedded Goodyear’s brand culture, focused on “high-quality, technology, and exploration”, into every design detail. Yellow stripes run through the entire office and circle elements decorate it, highlighting the brand’s distinctive characteristics.

Meeting room modern workplace
Shanghai Goodyear Chinese workplace

In the central aisle, yellow metal plates and linear light belts simulate the road’s texture, embodying Goodyear’s philosophy of “Enabling Mobility”. The reception area showcases the brand’s history and products through interactive technology solutions, conveying a strong sense of corporate culture.

This is not just a brand-new modern office space. As soon as you step inside, you know it is a Goodyear workplace.

Stone Shi, Head of China Strategic Program, Goodyear
Collaboration area Goodyear Shanghai

Adopting a “flexible office” approach

We reimagined the existing layout to forge a culture of collaboration. We planned the new space with a “flexible office” approach in mind and designed many open areas.

Each department has a “Home Zone” where teams can hold informal meetings anytime. The diversified layout of meeting rooms, collaboration areas and focus spaces creates an immersive and engaging user experience.

Transparent meeting room Shanghai

At Goodyear’s Asia Pacific headquarters, the space is carefully designed to encourage team collaboration and communication, leading to subtle but significant changes in staff behaviour. The innovative design reflects Goodyear’s spirit of exploration and adventure while supporting people and business growth.

Our employees begin to choose different working areas and functional spaces based on their daily needs and moods, which improves their efficiency and team cooperation.

Stone Shi, Head of China Strategic Program, Goodyear
Shanghai Goodyear stairs


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