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Maintaining start-up culture in a maturing tech workplace

Informatica, Dublin

Informatica is a US-based software development company with a vision to “create a world where every organisation’s data is poised for greatness”. Undergoing dramatic change in the workplace, it wanted to preserve its existing team dynamic and flexibility while adding more people.

Project overview

  1. Concepting an ‘informed industrial’ design in a repurposed music studio.
  2. Bringing to life entrepreneurial spirit, community and culture.
  3. Designing for future expansion.
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The new space is nestled in Dublin’s bustling SOBO district, a regenerated industrial area now home to the city’s booming tech industry. By repurposing a music studio into a commercial office, the space brings to life its original character, forms and energy with an ‘informed industrial’ design concept. This contrast of raw and refined reflects its market position and heritage.

To support performance, the office flows around a ‘spatial spine’ that groups amenities, surrounded by workspace, natural light and views. Cellular spaces are split between facing the open plan for collaboration and inwards to reduce distraction. Co-locating them reduces the cost of construction, prioritising function and future expansion.

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In a constantly connected work culture, taking a break means no devices. The library includes armchairs, books and dimmable lighting as a step change from the buzz of the main office.

A lively social hub, the café is a marker of the organisation’s entrepreneurial spirit. Designed for future expansion it brings to life the community and culture of the business.

Recognised by Great Place to Work, the space was a workplace winner in Ireland’s Best Workplaces 2019.

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As our company continues its organisational transformation and we keep growing in Dublin, we can easily add people to the office while maintaining the team dynamic and flexibility we get from the working environment.

Keith Lyons, MD Ireland, Informatica
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Completion date





35,000 sq ft


LEED Gold Building


Alex Kendrick

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