office design in mumbai

Create lasting impact through elegant design

Leading multi-asset investment firm, Mumbai

This office design in Mumbai for a Leading Multi-Asset Investment Firm (LMIF) helps support rapid growth and expand business operations. Inspired by the company vision to be “committed to creating a lasting impact”, it houses the corporate leadership and various employee departments. This elegant, minimalist workplace creates a memorable first impression, while providing lasting functional impact.

At a glance

  1. Supporting expansion and growth with a flexible workspace.
  2. An elegant office design in Mumbai that creates a memorable first impression.
  3. Long-lasting functionality for an ever-changing workforce.
office design in mumbai

Office design for a growing business

Due to a growing workforce and client base, the firm needed different settings to encourage better collaboration. So, we added organised workspaces with areas for interaction and focus. Separate functional front of house areas include large meeting rooms for flexible collaboration. These are spaces designed specifically for clients, without disrupting employees. The dual access, multifunctional “flexi area” beside the pantry operates as a staff lounge/breakout space and a place for client events. First class technology and audio-visual equipment supports productivity and effective communication.

workplace lounge collaboration space
office design in mumbai
office design in mumbai

Elegant brand detailing

This unique, minimalist office design in Mumbai aligns with the brand identity and business needs. High-quality materials and attention to detail celebrate the firm’s international expertise. A neutral colour palette offers a sophisticated oasis of comfort for effective working. Additionally, carefully selected artwork, including original paintings and sculptures, bring elegance through colour and detail.

office reception
office design in mumbai
office design in mumbai

Wellness-led office design

Transparent and open areas draw in plenty of daylight to support circadian rhythm and general wellbeing. Plants help reduce stress and increase productivity. Occupancy sensors are installed in all rooms to conserve energy. Using advanced air conditioning techniques for a healthier atmosphere, air quality was a priority. Post-pandemic and to reduce water consumption, we also installed touchless taps and fixtures in washrooms.

Overall, this flexible and elegant office enables people to do their best work while supporting business expansion and growth.

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2022Shaw Contract Design Awards - Best of India



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7,500 sq ft


Shaw Contract Design Awards 2022 - Best of India

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