office workplace design

Offering contrast and a sense of calm

Ogilvy & Mather, Jakarta

The new Ogilvy & Mather workplace design connects previously scattered operational units in a 28-storey office tower in Jakarta’s CBD.

At a glance

  1. A design inspired by a ‘contemporary Indonesian’ concept.
  2. A slide built into the staircase brings people into the café.
  3. The café offers different spaces for dining, discussion and collaboration.
office workplace design
people collaborating in meeting room cubicle and people working in open plan area

Celebrating Indonesian design

Inspired by a ‘contemporary Indonesian’ concept, we created a reception area that brings to life the sensation of a Balian spa. Sitting on top of a low timber platform is a desk with a simple thick clear glass top. This is supported by eight discs of Indonesian timber, each a solid section of tree trunk.

The internal staircase of this Ogilvy & Mather workplace design leads to the Café. With a range of different spaces, people can dine, discuss and collaborate. To add another fun element, we built a slide into the staircase, so people can slide down into the café. At the bottom, they land on a green pad of AstroTurf. People can also sit on the staircase for big town-hall meetings.

partial wood floor, meeting room, view of logo and someone walking up staircase
Conference room and men talking outside of room

The whole idea was to create a sharp contrast to what’s outside. Outside, the traffic might be really bad, and maybe it took a long time getting to work. You might be stressed out before you even arrive. But when you enter this reception, there’s a sense of calm.

Ramesh Subramaniam, Design Director - International, M Moser Associates
man going down slide and man sitting on long chair in casual breakout area

Careful workplace planning

The main work area is minimalist, with all staff working from simple, open bench-type desks arranged around the outer circumference of the floor plate. This means maximum access to natural light. Enclosed areas, including a few individual offices, lounges and small meeting rooms, are also located against the building core.

people sitting on tiered seats in theatre while man gives presentation


Completion date





2,604 sq m / 28,027 sq ft


Jack Shea

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