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Encouraging employees to work their own way

Red Hat, Singapore

Red Hat is a leading open-source technology company with locations across EMEA and APAC. We created a new workplace focusing on its ‘Open Source Technology. Work Your Way.’ shared-space philosophy. This framework encourages Red Hat employees to work more flexibly, in the ways that suit them best.

At a glance

  1. Improves performance and effectiveness.
  2. Supports culture, in and out of the workplace.
  3. Empowers people and encourages engagement.
office workplace design
office workplace design

Red Hat is devoted to its values as an open and collaborative company. It wanted to bring these to life in a new workplace that supports collaboration and employee empowerment. Red Hat also wanted a workplace that would address the individual personalities of its people.

We put a global workplace strategist and global designer within the Red Hat Global Workplace Innovations team to oversee nine projects across the region. This allowed us to deliver projects in a way that aligns with Red Hat’s objectives and culture.

office design layout

We established a design concept based on Red Hat’s core principles: open, authentic, reliable, and brave. These qualities were also a guide throughout the design and implementation process.

The space incorporates Red Hat’s values of equality and accessibility. These attitudes are represented in the open and collaborative areas. An authentic brand experience sets the foundation for future innovation.

Working in tandem with a professional company, such as M Moser, enables us to operate together truly in partnership. So even in the early stages of a project we don’t have to introduce the culture and standards. When they provide a test fit, it is much closer to a design solution because they already know what does or doesn’t work for Red Hat.

Neil Flint, Director of Global Workplace Solutions, Red Hat
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office workplace design
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12,800 sq ft


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