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Connecting people in a progressive workplace

Trend Micro, Singapore

Trend Micro is a global cybersecurity company with a strong foothold in Asia. For its new Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) headquarters in Singapore, the company wanted to create a human-centric workspace to inspire collaboration and meaningful connection. The design focuses on bringing energy, mobility, and technology into the workplace, while promoting wellbeing.

At a glance

  1. Supporting a fully-agile workforce to drive creativity and collaboration.
  2. Bringing to life unique cultural identities with design details sourced from Trend Micro’s regions.
  3. Customisable technology helps Trend Micro present content to a range of users.
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To support Trend Micro’s mission to support creativity and collaboration, the new workplace breaks free of fixed desks and encourages movement through hot-desking. We designed acoustics that address the various needs and personalities of staff. Balancing community-centric spaces, private and quieter areas allow people to retreat and work uninterrupted.

The entrance leads visitors to a bright, welcoming front-of-house that supports social interactions and connection. With a self-service bar, comfortable furniture and diverse seating arrangements, this communal space captures Trend Micro’s hospitality. Adjacent, the slightly elevated Executive Briefing Centre is a multifunctional meeting space enclosed by sliding glass doors that can be shut for privacy. The room has a customisable 4×3, 65-inch screen with an ultra-thin 1.8-millimetre-thick frame to educate clients with detailed cybersecurity briefings and demos. This offers a variety of configuration choices for different types of activity projected from Trend Micro’s virtual servers in real time.

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We wanted to do something different from other offices, so the project was an interesting challenge from the get-go, both in terms of design and execution. The M Moser team relished the challenge, and readily took it on with a can-do and collaborative spirit unseen elsewhere.

James Lee, Senior Director, Business Strategy and Operations AMEA, Trend Micro

We brought in colour, furniture, artefacts, and other accessories sourced directly from the regions where Trend Micro operates. Each meeting room has a regionally-specific theme. From large training spaces to quiet booths, rooms are named after countries and continents, including the Americas, Africa, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. The Africa Room features a collection of colourful baskets, each representing a country from across the African continent. Designed for wellbeing, the Japan Room is intentionally free of video-conferencing devices to prioritise focused discussions.

In the entrance corridor, digital renditions of famous paintings are projected on to a line of high-resolution digital art frames. The experience simulates visiting museums from around the world. To encourage interaction, motion sensors trigger each frame allowing staff to change the paintings.

trend micro boardroom space
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From the calming sounds of flowing rivers to a green wall at the entrance, the new Trend Micro headquarters promotes mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Trees and plants around the office help clean the air and bring the outside in. Daylight and sustainable materials help create a green and healthy workplace.

lounge setting with vibrant green wall

Throughout the project, we were impressed with M Moser’s sharp sense of style and their attention to detail. The team was able to mix a potpourri of different, disparate elements and make them blend together seamlessly. Every single detail is there for a reason and can stand close scrutiny. We just love how the office turned out in the end – it is chic, playful, and most of all, homey.

Dhanya Thakkar, Vice President, AMEA, Trend Micro
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