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40 years of design build experience

At M Moser, we create the physical, cultural and digital environment to support your people at work. Our Design Build services integrate expertise in design, architecture, culture, branding and technology.

We collaborate with clients to create productive and inspiring work environments that positively impact people and organisations.

Most of our projects employ the Design Build model we have used and refined for more than 40 years. Our value-centric approach to design and delivery consistently exceeds expectations for clients around the globe.

We are committed to supporting you at every stage of your project with comprehensive resources for design and project coordination. We take on full responsibility for budget, schedule management, and all project-related elements.

sustainable building design

The Design Build model integrates design and construction processes for a high quality, low-risk product.

This means streamlined communication, shorter delivery times, and greater transparency. Data even shows that clients who use the Design Build model experience significantly fewer change orders during the project lifespan.

Client involvement is still critical to the success of a Design Build project, particularly in areas like subcontractor selection and final product acceptance. You’ll be informed and consulted throughout the process without having to shoulder the project workload yourself.

Design Build services ensure that your project meets your needs, fits your budget, and suits your timeline. Let us partner with you to design and deliver on your vision.

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