Due diligence

Identify the right site for your workplace

Successful businesses create environments that help their people do their best work. Proper site selection is critical to creating innovative, supportive workspaces 

Our strategists, designers and engineers lead building analyses that consider location, size, configuration and technical infrastructure. Due diligence helps us advise our clients on the best physical and technical locations for their workspaces before they commit to a site.

As global leaders in real estate due diligence, we support the process of site selection from start to finish. Our team provides expert knowledge from workspace strategy to environmental requirements.


To help clients make informed decisions about site selection, we conduct research and offer recommendations based on current and future business needs, local requirements, and environmental impact. 

Our due diligence services include:

  • Leading building site selection
  • Creating technical briefs
  • Overseeing risk management
  • Auditing site validations and defects
  • Outlining project capital expenditures
  • Aiding in lease negotiations

At M Moser, we help businesses proactively plan for the impact that future growth might have on their spaces, allowing organisations to plan a more sustainable property portfolio and their employees to thrive.

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