M Moser Associates marks design milestone: Africa’s 1st LEED Platinum ID&C Certification

Designed by M Moser Associates for an international news media firm, this Cape Town office became the first in Africa to receive a LEED Platinum rating.

To date, M Moser has completed more than 75 LEED [DC1] certified workplace projects in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America. M Moser’s project teams work from a network of global locations, including London, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing and Delhi.

Achieving LEED Platinum, the highest possible level of certification from the world’s most recognised system of standards for sustainable buildings, presented some challenges for the M Moser team assigned to this pioneering African project.  

Few construction contractors in Africa have experience of working on a LEED project, so there was a steep learning curve. In this case, we were able to assist the contractor through the process with guidance on LEED submission requirements and samples from our past projects,” said Graeme Smith, one of M Moser’s in-house LEED APs.


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