Two minutes with // M Moser

Hello!  We are excited to release our recent interview with Charlton Hutton, of M Moser.  

VT:  You were featured in Interior Design Magazine for the Tough Mudder U.S. Headquarters because the project truly embraced the culture of the company.  What kind of preliminary research goes into your designs so that you know the final product will be authentic? 

CH:  We hold kick-off meetings and visioning sessions at the beginning of every project to best understand how clients are currently working and the direction they are headed. We use this information to interpret the vision into the design of the future space. Tough Mudder gave our design team the opportunity to participate in an obstacle course challenge to gain a true understanding of TM’s culture and inspiration for the 35,000 square feet Brooklyn Headquarter at 15 MetroTech Center. We were able to prove we are team players and formed an amazing bond. This experience paved the way for us to fully understand TM’s mission and to build the space for this quick evolving company to showcase TM’s culture and brand identity.

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