Photo tour: Unveiling a new workspace for innovation at Blackstone

Some commentators recently contended that “financial companies” are actually just “tech companies” in another form, given the increasingly important role technology plays on Wall Street. At Blackstone, our tech team plays a vital role in designing tools to improve efficiency for our employees and investors, and advises on potential tech investments our firm is considering. 

To be the best, we need the best technology, and that starts with attracting and retaining the best technology talent we can find and giving them the environment they need to excel and do truly creative and innovative work.  One important component of winning the battle for tech talent is making the physical space an inviting place that sparks collaboration, innovation, and teamwork. Too often, standard, stuffy offices are just not right for what technologists need to thrive. With that in mind, Blackstone Innovations. our firm’s technology team, opened a revamped workspace in New York City to help us maximize our creativity and solve problems.

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