The evolution of the open workplace: The New York Times features M Moser

Recognising best practice in workplace transformation, The New York Times features M Moser New York in its latest article on “the evolution of the open workplace”.

Following a recent tour of this 6,000 sq-ft workplace, the feature introduces the office as a “living lab” that enables the testing and development of a broad range of workplace strategies. Movable furniture, including green walls of plants, tables and desks, can be reconfigured to transform parts of the office based on individual and collective tasks, creating a supportive environment that accommodates the needs of all its occupants.

The feature also interviews Senior Strategist and Associate, Grant Christofely, who emphasised the importance of nurturing a culture of ongoing adaptation to provide a practical approach to the delivery of customised, high-performing work environments: “Businesses are changing at a rate architects almost can’t keep up with,” he shared. “M Moser continually tinkers with its office, seeking new ways to support its staff and offer a “proof of concept” to visiting clients.”

Discussing its hot-desking policy that supplies laptops, cell phones and battery packs to all staff, Christofely advises to think of the workplace holistically, where the physical space intertwines with a unique mix of social, cultural, and digital needs. Given the level of flexibility an organisation may require to perform at its best, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to workplace design: “This is not a solution that is right for everyone.”

If you’d like to learn more about the workplace strategy for the space or arrange an office tour, please contact Grant Christofely.

Read the full New York Times feature here

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