Four important dimensions for a safe, healthy post-pandemic workplace

Large-scale change over the past six months has brought unprecedented challenges to individuals and organisations. Uncertain of what the future may hold, how can we ensure our environments are prepared to turn any subsequent challenges into opportunities?

In an M Moser webinar attended by over 300 participants, four experts from our Greater China offices shared their experience in creating safe workplace environments through expertise in healthcare design, MEP engineering, workplace strategy, and technology.

They addressed the uncertainty surrounding the evolution of office design and space planning based on the concerns and input collected from hundreds of Chinese enterprises in first-tier cities:

  • Director of Healthcare Design, Jessica Liu, discussed how incorporating important design details can lead to a safer workplace environment e.g. selecting specific materials with natural compounds that prevent the spread of disease.
  • Eason Yu, Senior Manager – MEP engineering, explained how organisations can optimise their existing MEP setups to curb the transmission of viruses and bacteria.
  • Jason Chiang, Associate Director – Workplace Strategy, shared insights on how embracing new ways of working can help businesses sustain long-term growth in this new era. Chiang also discussed the evolution of workplace planning by offering tested concepts that improve work efficiency and enhance collaboration.
  • Director of Workplace Technology, Hong Jiang, presented a variety of smart, touchless workplace systems, already developed by M Moser, to improve operational efficiency across an organisation while enhancing the experience for staff.

The webinar ended with an interactive Q&A session that discussed the four key dimensions in further detail, contributing ideas, knowledge, and insights on creating safe, healthy post-pandemic workplace environments for businesses across the world.

Watch the full webinar:


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If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


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