Embracing a creative and progressive workplace culture


When furniture manufacturer Steelcase planned its Shanghai office relocation, not only was it looking for a superior site with high design aesthetics, but a place to implement its “WorkLife” concepts as part of a global vision for the future workplace.

Aligning with Steelcase’s objectives and research-oriented approach, M Moser incorporated Shanghai characteristics to reflect identity, emphasising the brand’s progressive aspirations and the innovative, collaborative spirit of its people.

Embracing a creative and progressive workplace culture section
Embracing a creative and progressive workplace culture section
An abstract representation of the city

Balance and fluidity sit at the core of the design language, highlighting the unique spirit of Shanghai.

Eastern and Western cultures mingle in the city as the two banks of the Huangpu River epitomise the two stages of urban development; historic architecture in quiet alleys, skyscrapers on bustling boulevards. Shanghai’s urban fabric sits in harmony.

To reflect this deep-rooted identity, the space adopts a rosy colour tone throughout, drawn from Shanghai’s distinct community residence, the “Longtang”. Akin to “Longtang” alleys, the workspace features winding circulation, while the communal space - the Work Cafe - opens up to connected, bustling boulevards to encourage movement and interaction.

Embracing a creative and progressive workplace culture section

The entrance features an original wooden structure, customised and constructed locally, and built from the reclaimed wood of Shanghainese houses.

Natural and raw, the timber structure follows a curved form derived from the Huangpu River, where Shanghai’s civilisation began. The curve extends to the wider space, connecting to rounded corners throughout to symbolise the endless pursuit of research, creation, and progressiveness.

Enlivening “WorkLife” to enhance collaboration

Encapsulating the Steelcase WorkLife Centre in Shanghai, the Work Cafe showcases the brand’s rich product offering, accommodating a wide range of activities, while creating space for people to unwind, converse, and work. Featuring a fully equipped bar and a 200-inch HD display, this area can also be transformed into a vibrant event space.

To support the brand’s research-oriented approach and commitment to innovation, a variety of spaces, guided by Steelcase’s Creative Spaces ecosystem, have been introduced to meet both collaboration and focused work needs.

Ideation Hub: a space suitable for small to mid-size team brainstorming and conferencing, equipped with virtual reality equipment and whiteboard to facilitate discussion and demonstration.

Maker Commons: in the corner by the window, the space features a digital display designed for brief catch-ups that also embraces spectacular views of the urban landscape.

Duo Studio: a space suitable for two individuals to co-create. With an additional lounge area, the studio invites teammates for quick discussions and informal working.

Focus Room: an enclosed space intended for concentration and individual work.

Respite Room: a private space to encourage moments of relaxation to enhance well-being.

Designed for human well-being

Achieving LEED Gold and WELL Silver Certification, the Steelcase WorkLife Centre in Shanghai fulfils the firm’s commitment to creating sustainable work environments and enhancing the well-being of its employees.

Greenery and timber have been incorporated throughout the space to bring staff closer to nature - reducing stress and enhancing productivity.

Embracing a creative and progressive workplace culture section
Embracing a creative and progressive workplace culture section

To provide a comfortable work environment, acoustic panels have been installed in meeting rooms and on a HVAC system duct to reduce noise levels.

A real-time air quality monitoring system has been installed to display indoor air indexing on a public display, including PM2.5, TVOC, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity. The air filtration system is mounted on the ceiling to reduce PM2.5 particles. 76% of lighting is controllable through the Daylight Control System and sensors to maximise energy efficiency.

Through close collaboration with Steelcase, M Moser has created a warm and welcoming space that embodies key “WorkLife” concepts and local identity to strengthen pride and happiness in the workplace. The result is a space that truly embraces the firm’s progressive and experimental culture.
Embracing a creative and progressive workplace culture section
  • Status Completed
  • Area 8,600 sq-ft
  • Completion date 2018
  • Location Shanghai
  • Sustainability LEED Gold, WELL Silver


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If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


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