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Nurturing a culture of growth

Hang Seng Bank, Hong Kong

Founded in 1933, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Bank is committed to growing local communities by putting people at the heart of the banking experience. Hang Seng wanted to transform the digital floor inside its headquarters into a cutting-edge environment, using technology and creativity to deliver innovative banking solutions. We created a new workplace journey that considers the company’s long history of innovation in a rapidly changing industry.

At a glance

  1. An unconventional workplace designed for communal experiences.
  2. A design concept inspired by an urban farm encourages innovation.
  3. ‘The Egg’ creates a place of community, sharing, and creativity.
collaboration space with stage seating

The new workplace journey begins with an unconventional arrival experience. We transformed the entrance into an open and welcoming kitchen area. This pantry connects to a multi-functional communal space known as ‘The Egg’, a symbol of innovation and growth. The inner side of ‘The Egg’ doubles as a curved projection screen for presenting, learning and sharing. With the front of house reprogrammed as a lively social hub, the digital floor breaks away from typical expectations of the financial services industry.

conceptual sketch of egg space
collaboration space with stage seating

The design takes inspiration from an urban farm where new ideas are fertilised and nurtured through teamwork, then packaged into innovative banking solutions. An open field of activity and collaboration, this modern space is created for connection. ‘The Egg’ is circled by meeting rooms, each with its own window graphic to reinforce the ethos of ‘G-R-O-W-T-H’.

bespoke wall artwork

Other key office destinations include ‘The Nest’ and ‘The Ideas Bar’. ‘The Nest’ offers a quiet place to for uninterrupted work. Conference rooms and collaboration booths along large windows provide a range of private work options with views of Hong Kong’s Central District.

kitchen teapoint area
wall graphics in meeting room
bespoke wall artwork meeting room

‘The Ideas Bar’ is designed for connection and innovation. Integrating social, technological and wellbeing elements, the space supports working and/or socialising over food and drinks. To connect to its Hong Kong location, we invited local artists Bo Law and Studio Brainrental to create murals inspired by merging the digital and physical worlds.

whiteboarding area beside the window
open workspace and collaboration area
woman collaborating in booth

We created an interactive and voice-controlled interface next to ‘The Ideas Bar’ to encourage digital engagement. ‘The Success Wall’ is a touchscreen installation that celebrates Hang Seng’s achievements, latest news and company events. To capture community moments it has an integrated selfie camera. Overall, the new Hang Seng Digital workplace has been reprogrammed with a more flexible, activity-based model, offering diverse choices as to where and how people work.

hang seng bank team photo


Completion date



Hong Kong


10,408 sq ft


Harold de Puymorin

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