Designed to the highest standards of healthcare in China

United Family Healthcare, Guangzhou

In 2018, M Moser’s collaboration with United Family Healthcare (UFH) has yielded the award-winning Shanghai United Family, Pudong Hospital, designed to the standards of the Joint Commission International (JCI). The year also marked the official opening of the new UFH Guangzhou Hospital, the first of its kind in Southern China that offers comprehensive healthcare services in line with US medical practice standards.

Designed to the highest standards of healthcare in China section

One of the key project objectives of the UFH Guangzhou Hospital was to bring world-class healthcare services to patients in Guangzhou and beyond, enabled by UFH’s international standard facility and high-quality experience. The other focus was to integrate the medical planning concepts of different regions, establishing an exemplary healthcare facility to support the synthesis of Chinese and Western medical practices.  

A heart-warming experience

Since 2014, M Moser has worked closely with UFH’s management and medical teams in Beijing and Shanghai, gaining a meticulous understanding of its Guangzhou facility’s space needs, rigorously defined by its American-standard medical system. Early engagement laid solid foundations and provided a guiding framework for subsequent interior architecture and space planning services.

With a project area of over 699,400 sq. ft, the UFH Guangzhou Hospital is equipped with 200 beds. To transform the space and create a comfortable healing environment, M Moser implemented the following four design concepts:

a) Curve: Arcs and curves create a soft, sensory experience while reducing accidents and injury. They symbolise an embracing, caring approach to healthcare as well as reflecting UFH’s core values.

b) Nature: Natural light is maximised to enhance connection between interior and exterior, and natural materials such as wood are prioritised throughout the space.

c) Mood: The emotional needs of users have been considered as a primary guide for design decisions in colour, shapes and materials.

d) Human scale: The space defines design details based on a human scale. This includes lowering the ceiling to the appropriate height and using floor materials that remove barriers and enable freedom of movement.

Cultivating a tranquil atmosphere

Patients bring complex emotions into a hospital. Entrance areas have the opportunity to aggravate or alleviate these feelings, often without conscious realisation. 

To cultivate a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere upon entry, the outpatient hall is installed with a three-storey-high stone wall engraved with Chinese calligraphy, reading “Cherishing the peace and health of neighbours and thousands of families”. Providing comfort and blessing, the message also defines and communicates UFH’s brand spirit.

Designed to the highest standards of healthcare in China section
Designed to the highest standards of healthcare in China section

M Moser replaced the old building patios with corridors, waiting areas and other public spaces, maximising daylight to help create a sense of calm amongst patients and their families.

Materials and woodgrain textures, normally used in households, are prioritised throughout the space, supported by warm, yellow lighting to exude a sense of intimacy and comfortable familiarity.

Unique departments with unique characteristics

As UFH’s largest hospital in China, the Guangzhou facility offers a full range of healthcare services including traditional Chinese medicine. It also features specialty services such as Family Medicine, Integrated Family-friendly Birthing Suites, Postpartum Rehabilitation and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, pioneering the integrated diagnosis and treatment model of Chinese and Western medical practices.

Designed to the highest standards of healthcare in China section

Planned and designed specifically to individual needs, each department displays unique characteristics. In the Pediatrics Department, for instance, while distinct boundaries exist between reception, waiting and play areas, the department as a whole offers a cohesive, coordinated experience through consistent design detailing.

To reduce anxiety and encourage better treatment results, yellow and green have been selected as the main colours for the Pediatrics Department for their distinctive, warm qualities. Patterns of animals and fictional characters feature throughout, while animal-shaped examination tables help boost mental well-being. The main aim for this space was to create the most comfortable environment in which young patients can receive the necessary treatment.

Designed to the highest standards of healthcare in China section

Each department has its own spacious, accessible, multi-purpose area, providing a casual setting for small gatherings, meetings and social events.

A place that feels like home

How can a hospital make inpatients feel cared for, minimising their sense of loneliness and distance when they are at their most vulnerable?

Guided by a human-centred approach and by focusing on the details, the design not only feels homely but emanates the comfort and hospitality of a hotel. Special panels have been installed to cover bedside medical device interfaces and soothing print details on the walls and mirrors in private bathrooms help encourage relaxation and healing.

Each VIP ward has been spaciously planned, respecting privacy during medical procedures, while enabling patients to enjoy the company of their families and friends in comfort.

Designed to the highest standards of healthcare in China section
Through close collaboration with UFH, this Guangzhou hospital has been designed to the highest standards of healthcare in China. It supports UFH’s dedication to providing international standard medical services, and sets the benchmark for the integration of Chinese and Western medical practices in healthcare facilities across the globe.
  • Status Completed
  • Area 699,400 sq-ft
  • Completion date 2018
  • Location Guangzhou


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