Workplace design and build process

Using virtual space capture to innovate the design and build process

The pandemic has encouraged many organisations to adopt more flexible ways of working. As a result, they seek efficient alternatives to business travel and face-to-face meetings. They need an experience as good as visiting the site, without leaving the comfort of their workspace.

Technology such as virtual space capture (VSC) has the power to unlock great potential, helping us adapt and transform like never before. So what role can it play in the design and build process? And how can it help us deliver quality, efficient and timely projects?

Using technology to support virtual collaboration

Travel restrictions have affected every sector, including the design and construction industry. However, the challenge has been ensuring consistent results while not always being able to meet in person.

We’re using innovative virtual space capture technology to improve how we run projects. These 3D models are spaces that clients can explore and engage with before and during construction. VSC provides interactive experiences for everyone involved in the project. As a result, this improves the overall efficiency of the design and build process.

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How does it work?

Firstly, our specialists take 4k high-quality scans of spaces with 360 cameras. Then, they convert the still images into an immersive 3D environment that works on any device.

What can you do with the virtual space capture technology?

The technology offers:

  • 4K high-quality visuals
  • Online navigable spaces with several viewpoints
  • Ability to take measurements within the 3D model of fixtures and areas
  • Opportunity to add comments, notes, tags, links, pdfs and videos within a model for knowledge sharing
  • AI-driven progress tracking to indicate when actions will be complete.

How virtual space capture improves the way we work

Using virtual space capture technology helps us streamline project management processes. So our teams can collaborate seamlessly within a digital project model. It improves efficiency and, therefore, the speed of project delivery.

It also impacts:

– Your people

  • Mapping potential user journeys so the space can meet everyone’s needs
  • Encouraging engagement by sharing progress
  • Inviting feedback on the design of the space.

– Your project

  • Streamlining the design and construction process with better visibility of progress
  • Capturing regular scans so project management is less time-consuming
  • Improving cost-efficiency by agreeing on changes in the 3D model before starting work
  • Reducing your carbon footprint by cutting the number of necessary site visits (8-12 per project on average).
Virtual space capture article openspace field note GIF Notes exchanged in project workspace on aspect completion
Switching between aspect progress completion filters Switching between aspect progress completion filters

Testing new features of virtual space capture

As longstanding members of the virtual space capture community and its beta testing teams, we’re also involved in developing new features. This ensures M Moser can shape the technology in a way that prioritises our clients’ needs.

For example, we’re currently in the process of developing digital Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manuals within the model. The overall result will be a valuable guide for facilities and operations teams to maintain their space after moving in.

O&M manual Hovering over O&M manual notes containing information and guidance on space elements

“The Europe team initially found success with the tools, inspiring M Moser to adopt its use globally. From there we knew we had to join the beta testing community. Things are only going to get bigger and better.”

Garth Chamberlain, Associate Director, EMEA Contracts, M Moser Associates
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We’re excited to continue exploring how new technologies can enhance the design and build process. After all, virtual space capture is just one example of how advanced technology can support people’s changing needs.

These cutting-edge tools have enabled remote communication and collaboration during challenging times. However, we see even greater potential for the future. VSC capabilities are part of our commitment to innovate and deliver quality environments where the client experience is central.

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