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India’s ACE Update (Architecture, Construction, Engineering) magazine interviews M Moser’s Head of India, Brian Pilley to explore why the purpose of architecture in the workplace will constantly evolve with ever-changing needs.

All forms of design, including the work environment, will need to respond to the accelerated global change we have experienced over the past six months.

Brian Pilley, Director, M Moser Associates

“When I first started working in India, most projects were back office or processing, as cost per seat was a deciding factor. Now we see more examples of R&D type facilities and clients looking at India as a market for goods and services. With a focus on attracting and retaining talent, businesses want to ensure that their employees can collaborate and innovate. Enhancing health and wellbeing at work is becoming an ever-prominent priority”, shares Pilley.

Recollecting his work with Titan, Pilley shares his insights on the project and his excitement to reflect the business’ human-centric values in the design of its Bengaluru headquarters.

Pilley goes onto emphasise that there is no one single solution, but a unique approach to what works best for each client. “I personally believe that there is no single design style, neither is there a ‘one size fits all’ approach. In order to create impact for our clients, we must deeply understand the business and its workplace needs. Each new project starts as a blank canvas with some objective-based ideas that we can develop to create unique, transformative solutions”, he shares.

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