We are thrilled to announce the completion of Condé Nast’s new workplace in Mumbai, which has recently won the iNFHRA Mumbai Gold Award for Best Project Architecture. Continuing our global partnership with one of the world’s most renowned companies in fashion, lifestyle and entertainment media, we created a transformative workspace designed for innovation, collaboration and exceptional experiences.

The design of this workspace focuses on elevating the ordinary to create an exceptional, brand-led experience. From the welcoming reception to the detailed working areas, every element has been crafted to inspire Condé Nast’s people. Carefully curated iconic photographs, green walls and an LED TV displaying the brand history make a powerful first impression.

Two key principles of this project are its versatility and its attention to enabling collaboration. Features such as open workspaces, hackable walls, collaboration settings and focus areas are designed to encourage spontaneous conversations and teamwork, while supporting focus and creativity.

Embracing simplicity and sophistication, the award-winning space embodies Condé Nast’s ethos by blending modern aesthetics with a combination of warm tones and a black-and-white palette. Complemented with minimalist furniture, the elegant atmosphere inspires creativity and innovation.

The work café serves as a central point for casual interactions, encouraging ideation and inspiration. Moreover, tech-enhanced meeting rooms, private booths for focused work and a fashion closet – ‘le dressing’ – cater to the diverse needs of a creative workforce.

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