Pierre Fabre innovation centre Shanghai

Global pharmaceutical company Pierre Fabre aimed to solidify its presence within China and the Asia Pacific markets to better serve its customers. So, it partnered with us to create this cutting-edge Innovation Centre in Shanghai. The new space, a synergy of workspace, consumer testing rooms and a cutting-edge laboratory, signals the company’s drive to establish a robust presence in the region.

Pierre Fabre Lab Shanghai

The space celebrates Pierre Fabre’s dedication to cultivating diverse talent in Shanghai. Its multidisciplinary team of seasoned scientists, researchers and technicians, now work in a setting that truly resonates with the company’s ethos: ‘Taking Care, Living Better’.

Watch the video below to discover how this Innovation Centre supports regional expansion with a cutting-edge lab in a collaborative, legacy-infused workspace

Designed to support daily operations, the new space ensures that the Pierre Fabre team can perform at their best, while feeling valued and supported. Key aspects of the project include:


  • Designing with high standards: The lab meets the highest ISO 8 air cleanliness standards worldwide. Beyond air quality, it has a strong air filtration system that exchanges air 20 times every hour.


  • Enabling a collaborative approach: As Pierre Fabre’s Shanghai team was still in the process of forming, we partnered with its French team to craft the space. Using communication tools like OpenSpace, our experts ensured real-time updates.


  • Creating a considered space: The design includes elements from Pierre Fabre’s scientific history and legacy. A calm atmosphere dominated by neutral tones is complemented by wooden touches and greenery. With its gentle curves, the centre’s entrance warmly welcomes visitors into a modern, sophisticated and high-performing facility.


As the facility opens its doors, it aims to become the epicentre of dermocosmetic innovation in the region.