M Moser Amsterdam team Guests at the M Moser Amsterdam party Guests at the M Moser Amsterdam party Performance by XA4

We are thrilled to present Amsterdam’s lowest carbon project to date, the M Moser Amsterdam living lab.

Situated in the historic Cristofori building – a magnificent former piano workshop and concert hall – this studio is setting new standards in workplace design. Through purposeful adaptation and restoration, we’ve given the space a new lease of life, whilst embracing circularity and designing to net zero. It is targeting WELL Platinum and the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) Zero Carbon Certification.

Performance by XA4
Guests at the Amsterdam living lab party

Launch party:

The official launch party took place in October and was attended by a range of clients and industry leaders. The event provided a firsthand look at the living lab’s design and potential to drive innovative solutions for future workplaces. In crafting this net zero project, we minimised construction and restored existing features, including preserving the parquet flooring, piano doors and kitchen. We also have a sensor network to monitor air quality, sound, light, temperature, and motion, connecting to our digital twin for real-time analysis. This technology enables us to consistently evaluate and adapt the workplace experience for comfort and efficiency.

Performance by XA4
DJ Sophia Maria
guests at the M Moser Amsterdam party
Complimentes at the M Moser Amsterdam party

M Moser living labs:

Our living labs enable us to push boundaries, trial new ideas, and transform how people work. The Amsterdam workspace is no exception. It embodies our commitment to sustainability, while creating inspiring flexible spaces for people to connect, perform and ideate.

Guests at the M Moser Amsterdam party

We’ve celebrated the building’s rich history and character while infusing it with human-centric design principles, a circular approach and smart technology to create an innovative studio in Amsterdam. This living lab reflects our stance and forward thinking approach to workplace design and sustainability.

Raquel Machado - Senior Associate, Design

A collaboration hub

The Amsterdam living lab is designed as a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration. As such, it brings together M Moser specialists from architecture, interior design, technology, sustainability, and more. This nurturing environment for networking and knowledge sharing will host a diverse range of events, workshops and forums. The aim is to unite thought leaders, researchers and industry professionals to exchange ideas and push the boundaries of design and innovation.

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