Nabil Sabet interviewed by CheddarTV

Cheddar TV‘s Kristina Scholer interviews Nabil Sabet on, “Designing the Post-Pandemic Workplace”. Commenting on what the workplace will look like in the future and providing helpful tips on working from home, Nabil shares his expertise on getting back to work.

The whole idea is to really ease back into the workplace, and as we learn more and do more, then we can start to release some of the functionalities back to the team and limit the amount of exposure to the outside, such as reducing the amount of deliveries (such as food or packages) and have protocols in place.

“Going to the office will be purposeful. We will be going in to see our colleagues. I will be going in to achieve certain things that I can’t do at home by myself. These are the realities that we will consider now that we’ve proven that basic tasks can be done at home.”

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