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M Moser’s Donn Tan, Weng Hua Lim, and Pattiya Ariyasakul, were recently recognised for design excellence at PayPal’s “Appreciation” event. The team received individual plaques for work at the global online payment giant’s new workplace in Manila.

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As the largest and first consolidated operations site for PayPal in the Philippines, the new centre integrates customer services with business, recruitment and training support functions. Housing 1000 new employees, the space serves a range of PayPal’s English-speaking regions including North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Providing product, language and cultural training, the centre has been designed as a hub for learning and collaboration, enabling staff to build the skills and knowledge to better serve PayPal customers internationally.

Manila Paypal project awards
Manila Paypal project awards

It’s an honour to be recognised with a plaque of appreciation from PayPal for our workplace design. We’re excited to see the impact the new space will have on the business’ local and international operations.

Donn Tan, Associate Director, South East Asia

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