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In an interview with Netherlands-based DeVorm, Design Associate Raquel Machado explores how to translate powerful brands into equally powerful interiors. “Reflecting a brand in interiors is intrinsic to the impact of a space and a vital part of the design development. It should never be an add-on”, she highlights.

Emphasising the importance of brand journey, Machado uses M Moser London’s showcase pencil wall centre-piece as and example. “Designing to enable clients and visitors to understand the brand and employees to feel a part of it, can connect people to purpose, building engagement on a deeper level.”

Exploring the role of company culture, Machado shares, “It’s everything – it informs the unique design of each space”. By understanding the collective company culture, the approach can then be refined by exploring dominant subcultures to support each team. The overarching culture will be most present when you have made impactful design decisions to nurture all subcultures.

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