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SHL Group recently held the inauguration of its new Liufu site in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, designed and built by M Moser. As SHL’s largest facility to date, the site spans 678,100 sq ft of modern office space and advanced manufacturing capacities to support SHL Medical’s increased production of autoinjectors.

By holistically integrating our architectural, design, construction and engineering services with a strong understanding of SHL Group’s core values, the space is a uniquely innovative environment that reinforces the brand as an industry leader.

office workplace design
office space designing

Establishing the Liufu facility is part of our vision and commitment to advancing the production of our autoinjectors, which have helped redefine the patient experience of self-injection over the years.

Ulrich Faessler, CEO, SHL Medical

Featuring cutting-edge, fully automated, high output assembly equipment, this state-of-the-art building was created to ensure quality and efficiency throughout SHL Medical’s line of drug delivery devices using advanced high accuracy testing and laboratory equipment.

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