We are honoured to have received three Singapore (SG) Mark Winner awards for our work with Alteryx, Lazada and Secretlab. These three projects have distinct features that represent brand culture and help drive the companies forward.

Organised by Design Business Chamber Singapore, the SG Mark promotes and recognises outstanding design projects that focus on quality and people-centred design.

We are honoured to be recognised for our design innovation, hard work and true dedication by our teams in the delivery of these outstanding projects as we continue to help our clients meet business needs and express brand culture.

Stephen Lyon - Regional Director, Head of Office, Singapore
Alteryx, Singapore

For this growing data analytics company, we designed a new dynamic APAC HQ. The design celebrates Alteryx’s engaging culture to attract top talent and enhance employee productivity. Dispersed & intertwined, alternative workspaces make up half of the office. This increases flexibility, allowing employees to choose the spaces they need. The design reflects the true nature of the company and offers a visually captivating experience.


alteryx people sitting in the office for Singapore mark awards
alteryx people in the pantry for mark awards
Lazada, Singapore

Lazada, Singapore is a vibrant workspace for an international e-commerce company that embraces brand culture, promoting idea-sharing and collaboration. Focusing on a ‘HOME and HOOD’ concept, the design is inspired by local street culture and home life in Singapore. A creative range of spaces for clients and guests encourage conversation and connection.

Lazada office logo for Singapore mark awards
Lazada seating area with wall art
Secretlab, Singapore

Secretlab specialises in ergonomic technology, and its focus is on people. Therefore, the Secretlab workspace centres on connecting, empowering and equipping people to do their best work in a comfortable environment. A vibrant and nuanced guest experience draws in new customers. It includes an intuitive navigation system with synchronised floor patterns and ceiling lights. This, along with intentionally angled partitions, encourages people to flow through the space. Each employee has their own personalised Secretlab setup to support ergonomic seating and work productivity. The common spaces provide opportunities for interactions and organic conversations.

secret lab information with the defining lines for Singapore mark awards
person walking down secret lab hallway

Having received multiple accolades from the Singapore (SG) Mark awards in the past – we are honoured, yet again, to be recognised for design excellence as we continue supporting our clients and their business goals.

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