people in Sightour Ophthalmic Hospital lounge with view of reception and logo

We are pleased to share that our work with Sightour Ophthalmic Hospital in Hangzhou has been featured in Healthcare Design Magazine.

The article highlights the user-friendly and biophillic design of this flagship medical facility with a photo tour. Balancing nature, simplicity, convenience and efficiency, this Sightour Ophthalmic Hospital space supports patient wellness.

Healthcare Design Magazine is a globally reputable publication that showcases high-quality, innovative design that enriches the patient experience within the healthcare industry.

front entrance of Sightour Ophthalmic Hospital building at night
man walking in Sightour Ophthalmic Hospital hallway with logo visible
man presenting to another man and using touchscreen

As it is the first Sightour Ophthamlmic Hospital in China, we wanted to establish an exceptional reputation. We also wanted to set a benchmark for future facilities. We provided a full range of services including medical planning, interior design, purification design and construction, MEP engineering, storefront renovation and signage system design. Reinforcing the Sightour Ophthalmic Hospital brand image, this is a facility for high-quality professional healthcare services.

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