We are thrilled to expand our offering with an exciting achievement from one of our newly qualified WiredScore and SmartScore Accredited Professionals in the Workplace Technology Team.


Supporting intelligent buildings

The digitisation of buildings is transforming the way we interact with each other and the workplace. We’re seeing rapid adoption of technology. However, the establishment of tools which support a more holistic strategy are few and far between.

Markedly, the WiredScore programme sets the global standard for in-building connectivity. It brings much needed clarity to the market for both landlords and tenants. The SmartScore programme is a global standard that identifies best in class intelligent buildings. Buildings that deliver an exceptional user experience, drive cost efficiency, meet high standards of sustainability and are fully futureproof.

Additionally, the SmartScore certification aligns with the WELL certification, the world’s leading building standard for wellbeing. It offers guidance on technologies that are crucial in designing and managing healthy buildings. This helps to create built environments that better serve people.

Overall, our expertise will help our clients in the WiredScore and SmartScore certification process, driving new value. It will help them to understand, improve, benchmark and promote a building’s digital connectivity and smart technology.


Congratulations to Brian Fugeti who has been recognised as one of the first UK intelligent buildings professionals accredited as:

  • WiredScore AP: Office (development)
  • WiredScore AP: Office (occupied)
  • SmartScore AP: Office

Our approach to smart workplace centres on adaptability, integration and open communication, all of which WiredScore and SmartScore embrace and advance. We are excited to bring this directly to our clients through our technology leaders.

Julian Rimmer - Director

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