We recently had the pleasure of hosting a work experience programme at our Hong Kong office. A group of high school students from the Heep Yunn School spent four days in a hands-on environment, working with our multidisciplinary teams.

Students working at M Moser office

Students had the opportunity to learn various capabilities. Spanning from architecture to interior design, sustainability, workplace strategies, and workplace technology. Under the guidance of our experts, they used 3D tools to design their own projects, conduct air quality measurements to experience sustainability practices, and create communication pieces for marketing initiatives. They discovered how technology is changing how our experts work, helping with 3D modelling, space planning, concept development, and more.

work experience programme M Moser
3d planning students M Moser

All the students expressed their appreciation for the advanced skills they could develop during the programme. Additionally, they emphasised the importance of communication in the workplace, remarking on the strong sense of teamwork among colleagues.

At M Moser, members from different teams collaborate closely. I had a really great time working with them during these days and I’ve learned that using technology wisely is extremely important in a workplace.

Heep Yunn School student
Workplace strategy students placement programme M Moser

Impressed with the fresh perspectives and enthusiasm of those students, M Moser is proud to participate in this work experience programme, which provided an invaluable opportunity to inspire students, share knowledge, foster collaboration and give back to the community.

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