Alex Watkins

Alex Watkins, Senior Design Associate M Moser

Senior Associate, Design

Since joining M Moser in 2014, Alex has demonstrated expertise in various design activities, from early visioning and concept development to design implementation, space planning, technical drawings, and the selection of furniture, materials and finishes. With a diverse background in various industries, including tech, fintech, banking, finance, law and pharma, he has undertaken projects of varying scales, ranging from 5,000 sq ft to 1.4 million sq ft. Alex embraces challenges and values establishing close connections with clients as he creates distinctive workplaces that adapt to their present and future needs. His strong 3D capabilities allow him to communicate all design aspects effectively, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each project. His passion for design and technical expertise humanises spaces while pushing boundaries, creating affinity with urban landscapes and enhancing spatial performance alongside company culture. Alex continuously strives to inspire and captivate, fostering innovation and leaving a lasting impact on the spaces he designs and the people who inhabit them.

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