John Sellery

Portrait of John Sellery

Group Managing Director

John Sellery is an American architect and currently the Hong Kong and USA-based Group Managing Director of M Moser Associates.   John studied architecture at the University of California at Berkeley and began his professional career working on a wide range of building types, including healthcare, residential and religious.

Deeply influenced by his background as a carpenter during his university days, John’s approach is akin to that of a “Master Builder”; rather than working purely on the architectural aspect of a project, he leads collaborative, multi-disciplined teams who design, engineer and construct buildings or spaces as a single integrated source of expertise.   John has continued to develop and refine this approach at M Moser, in which he has been a partner for the last 30 years.

As Group Managing Director, John works directly with colleagues in M Moser offices across Asia, China, India, the UK and the USA on a daily basis. Since its founding in 1981, the firm has designed and constructed millions of square feet of corporate environments for clients in the financial, legal, pharmaceutical, industrial, high technology and other sectors.

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