Lucas Wu

Associate, DIST (Design Integration, Simulation and Technology)

As a key member of M Moser’s VRBIM (Virtual Reality Building Information Modelling) Technology team, Lucas uses his 10+ years of global experience in commercial interior project delivery and prowess in technology to explore, customise, and provide VRBIM solutions that enhance team collaboration and contribute to a project’s success. His deep understanding of Building Information Modelling, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Programming enables him to interweave M Moser’s unique Integrated Project Delivery approach and expertise in Technology Research, Development, and Implementation.

Lucas is also an Official Trainer at SketchUp ATC (Authorised Training Center) as well as the Accreditation Reviewer of the SketchUp International Certification (China) program. He is a strong advocate for sharing his knowledge and experience with future generations of industry professionals, having delivered online webinars and in-person training sessions, all of which follow a curriculum that he has crafted himself to touch on a variety of disciplines, including modelling, rendering, and BIM.

His mentorship has received substantial praise from peers and students over the years.