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Inspiring a culture of collaboration and innovation

Accenture, Bengaluru

Accenture is an enterprise management and consulting services company. The core objective for the new Bengaluru Innovation Hub was to support its people to rapidly prototype, and adapt clients’ businesses to the digital world. Innovation is defined as the creation of something new to meet a need. We designed the new space to be future-ready, collaborative, stimulating, and progressive.

At a glance

  1. 425,000 sq ft facility that supports innovation and the creative process.
  2. A progressive, future-focused workplace that highlights the company's past to help shape its future.
  3. Functional, futuristic workspaces for teams to innovate under the larger Accenture umbrella.
office workplace design
office space designing
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The main challenge was to identify the needs of Accenture’s individual business units. The team helped define these needs through discussions, interviews, and leadership focus groups. The space caters to Accenture’s five operating groups: Communications; Media & Technology; Financial Services; Health & Public Services; and Products and Resources. To accommodate each group while encouraging a unified whole, the design includes ‘satellite hubs. These serve as interaction points where each unit can showcase its unique vision and successes. Each unique zone includes the specific space functions and technology required for the unit while also remaining connected to the rest of the design.

Fusing Accenture brand values with agile spaces and interactive technology creates an immersive user journey through the building’s spine. The space consists of two towers spread across thirteen floors. To enhance physical connectivity and movement between floors and buildings, we defined a distinct circulation flow. We also converted some of the service lifts into VIP lifts for an uninterrupted flow of vertical movement and walkthrough.

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The user journey begins in the Innovation Gallery which showcases the future of IoT and Accenture’s history of innovation. Next, users encounter the ‘Time Capsule’, a hosting space for live presentations, before entering the ‘Interior Workshop Lab’. Here, visitors can virtually witness the journey of an application, from conception to execution. Several floors in the ‘Innovation Hub’ are dedicated to the research and development of emerging technologies.

The ‘Garage’ fuels thinking and creativity, with a wide variety of seating options, writable surfaces, and team table options to encourage brainstorming, ideation, and innovation. The ‘Innovation Hub’ also includes top-class facilities such as a spacious cafeteria with diverse seating options, recreational areas with a fully equipped gym, and multiple pantries on each floor to cater to its 4,000-plus employees.

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425,000 sq ft


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