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Creating an agile collaborative culture

Blackstone (bXii), New York

When Blackstone created a new space for its technology team, Blackstone Innovations & Infrastructure (bXii), the goal was to create an agile office that held true to its creative culture and collaborative ways of working. Through extensive discussions and research, we explored the team’s fluid and flexible working style. The design needed to create a positive workplace culture, and help attract and retain the best talent.

At a glance

  1. Incorporating flexible spaces to express transparency.
  2. Distinguishing the technology branch with bold, authentic touchpoints.
  3. Balancing functionality with spaces for cross-collaboration and innovation.
collaboration at tiered seating

Bill Murphy, Blackstone Innovations’ Senior Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, wanted to reposition the team from operating in a traditional ‘waterfall’ method, with inefficient and siloed environments, to an agile workflow. We translated this vision into an environment that supports collaboration and provocative thinking.

Blackstone Innovations wanted a 30,000 sq ft workplace that felt bold, raw and not overdone. We created multifunctional spaces that can change and adapt depending on the type of use. Functionality was key, so the design focuses on all elements being intentional and purposeful.

dual meeting rooms
detail of meeting room whiteboard
meeting room wall made from bottle caps

Our research revealed that Blackstone Innovations had a different working style from its global corporate counterpart. The design expresses transparency and collaboration, organised around a series of neighbourhood spaces. In addition to traditional desks, the workspace includes open, collaborative areas and meeting rooms for staff cross-pollination. To distinguish the space from Blackstone’s corporate aesthetic, the Innovations office uses a warm palette with raw and authentic touchpoints.

branded blackstone wall in reception
woman working in green booth
collaboration breakout from workspace


Completion date



New York


30,000 sq ft


Eric Laignel

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