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Expressing a rugged, dynamic brand

Tough Mudder, Brooklyn

Tough Mudder organises endurance events for millions of people around the world. After consolidating its staff into one location in Brooklyn, Tough Mudder wanted to create a space that would strengthen its dynamic team culture. We designed a rugged, industrial workspace that reflects the brand, accommodates rapid growth, and creates a highly collaborative environment.

At a glance

  1. The design uses the company’s rugged brand aesthetic to create a dynamic team space.
  2. Guided by a ‘can-do’ brand vision, the workplace is an inspiring atmosphere for a growing workforce.
  3. Industrial design details define functions and space types.
entrance space to tough mudder workplace

It was key to integrate the Tough Mudder brand throughout the space. We achieved this by using simple, authentic materials, capturing the ‘rugged’ nature of the Tough Mudder experience. A mx of rough and smooth material treatments run throughout the space.

The workplace includes an informal café, lounge areas, and open and enclosed meeting areas, giving easy access to alternate work areas and impromptu meeting spaces, and encouraging casual collision.

We brought to life the brand’s raw aesthetic through exposed ceilings and industrial light fixtures. Other design highlights include Corten steel-inspired wall coverings, a boardroom wall with cone-shaped black foam tiles for acoustic control, and battered door frames. Together, these serve as reminders of the obstacles conquered and achievements earned on Tough Mudder’s courses.

round collaborative table in office meeting room
detail of framed tough mudder tshirts
meeting room with people collaborating over whiteboard

Costs were contained by using a scavenger design mentality. Jelly jars were used for light pendants, and repurposed wood and cement cinder blocks were assembled into a meeting room table, which is tattooed with Tough Mudder’s logo and participant autographs.

games and ping pong space in office
workspace waiting area
people working in orange booths


Completion date



Brooklyn, New York


35,000 sq ft


Eric Laignel

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