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Modular labs as a template for global innovation

Chemical & Consumer Goods Client, Düsseldorf

How do you encourage innovation at work? This question played an important role in connecting the global workplace portfolio of this multinational chemical and consumer goods company.

At a glance

  1. Creating spaces to encourage new ways of working in a lab environment.
  2. Using an activity-based lab strategy and clustered blocks for easy adaptation.
  3. Providing a benchmark for global innovation centres.

Headquartered in Germany, the business wanted to create a series of innovation centres across its three strategic hubs: Dusseldorf, Seoul and Shanghai. The M Moser team was tasked with creating spaces that would encourage new ways of working in a lab environment. To provide a template for global rollout, the Dusseldorf site would be the first test case.

We started with a deep dive into the business and its people. Using the ‘One Scientist’ principle, the team looked into the optimum amount of space a scientist needs. This helped us to create a common module for an open lab environment, designed around the chemical requirements and flexibility needs of the space. Using an activity-based lab strategy and clustered blocks, it can be adapted for different business units and sites.

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Three and a half clusters of activity-based settings sit around a bright, airy atrium. The three main clusters focus on lab work and the half bay cluster includes a training centre, offices and other flexible functions. The atrium is at the heart – a place for people to connect and innovate.

The Dusseldorf concept is now a benchmark for the business’ global innovation centres. The design was modified for sites in Seoul and Shanghai bringing clusters and atriums together with ease, to meet different needs.

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Düsseldorf, Seoul & Shanghai


430,570 sq ft

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