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Using connectivity to encourage a new urban lifestyle

Cloud City, Shenzhen

Developed for an international competition, this speculative urban plan visualises a public ecosystem that supports all the functions of daily life. A proposed new ecologically-planned city in Shenzhen, ‘Cloud City’ uses virtual and physical connectivity to create a place to work, live, and thrive. Here, vibrant new urban lifestyles, as well as social, cultural, and business opportunities are encouraged.

At a glance

  1. This competition proposal visualises a new urban ecosystem supporting the functions of daily life.
  2. 'Cloud City’ is designed in harmony with the earth, sea and sky.
  3. Dramatic multi-use structures create a new urban architectural language.
wide shot of buildings at night with sea
Overhead shot of building amongst city and surrounding trees

The ‘Cloud City’ competition proposal sets the vision for a city that connects people and ideas from across the globe through technology. The design brings the highest quality virtual connectivity to an experiential physical environment. Incorporating natural elements in the public realm, ‘Cloud City’ invites the world to live and work together efficiently and in harmony with nature.

In ‘Cloud City’, distinctive multi‐use structures rise with the dramatic and graceful arcs of a Chinese mountain landscape, creating a stunning canvas for the art of living. Intertwined, these technologically-advanced structures coexist to shelter and support the organic human‐scaled settings planned at the ground plane.

people walking around building, wide shot
people walking around sculptures at night

A central Eco Park in the heart of the city urban dwellers with nature. The Shenzhen ‘Cloud City’ masterplan blends urban living with the surrounding mountains to the North with the magnificent Hau Hoi Bay to the South. Seen from the sea, ‘Cloud City’ rises from its natural surroundings with super-structures that open up and shelter large areas of public green space.

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ground level shot of skyscraper
wide shot of buildings at night with sea




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