Inviting bar and lounge area for employees to work from.

Connecting company and culture in one workplace experience

Diageo, Jakarta

Following our award-winning work on Diageo’s Singapore APAC headquarters, we designed its new Jakarta office – our fourth Diageo project in South East Asia.

The human-centric design communicates creativity and collaboration in line with the organisation’s corporate culture. Offering an immersive brand experience, the space feels authentically ‘Diageo’ and distinctively Indonesian.

At a glance

  1. Communicating creativity and collaboration in line with corporate culture.
  2. An agile environment enables people to choose where and how they work best.
  3. Driven by a global initiative to 'inspire and connect' staff, customers and partners.
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office workplace design
work floor

Inspired by craftsmanship, the office brings together Diageo’s entrepreneurial spirit with Indonesian ‘Batik’ art forms to create a unique identity within the company’s larger portfolio of offices. Celebrating the company’s strong, global presence, the space honours its local culture through artwork, furniture, and traditional fabrics and materials — all sourced locally.

From the reception, people are drawn through the open office to a communal café/bar overlooking the Jakarta city skyline. This immersive brand experience creates strong connections between people and the organisation.

office workplace design

An agile environment without fixed workstations and desktop computers enables people to choose where and how they work best. Boardrooms and other support spaces sit at the centre of the floor plate for plenty of natural daylight.

Driven by a global initiative to ‘inspire and connect’ staff, customers and partners, this Jakarta office takes inspiration from Diageo’s collaborative, family-like culture. The communal bar/breakout area creates a residential feel and a unique ‘home away from home’.

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work floor


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4,434 sq ft


Mario Wibowo

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