DNB workplace design by M Moser Associates in Singapore.

Connecting to company heritage with engaging design

DNB, Singapore

DNB is Norway’s largest financial services group and one of the world’s leading shipping banks. When the company decided to move its Singapore offices to Guoco Tower, it wanted to reflect DNB’s heritage. At the same time, there was a desire for an attractive space with an element of surprise.

We created a workplace design based on the Norwegian landscape, creating an engaging user journey to link the space with DNB’s corporate identity.

At a glance

  1. A design inspired by DNB’s regional landscape helps link the workplace to its Norwegian roots.
  2. The open plan office accommodates a range of employee workstyle preferences.
  3. Flexible meeting rooms allow for focused work and team collaboration.
office workplace design
office workplace design

We developed a design for DNB’s new workplace that is inspired by the Norwegian Fjords. Using DNB’s local landscape as a starting point, the team created a user journey connected by nooks and routes, with engaging points of interest at every turn.

Using a landscaped plan, the design connects the workplace to DNB’s business and heritage. Interest points feature Norwegian and local art, along with unique lighting, Le Corbusier-inspired wallpaper, and luxury materials such as marble.

Corporate workplace design featuring a bright and airy kitchen setting for employees to relax.

Entering the space, visitors flow into a client area flanked by the reception to one side and angled, grand views of Singapore to the other. Travelling through fjord-like corridors, the visitor is led towards various work and collaboration areas on both sides.

A welcoming entry design by M Moser in Singapore featuring natural materials and lots of daylight.
office interior design ideas
meeting room and view of logo

The open plan office features a generous number of meeting rooms, each fitted with tables of varying heights to support different work styles. This calm, library-like work environment means conversations can move easily into any one of the meeting rooms.



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15,000 sq ft


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