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Supporting a diverse team through choice and consistency

Docusign, Sao Paulo

DocuSign pioneered the development of e-signature technology and has since expanded from its San Francisco headquarters to over 180 countries. For its new workplace in São Paulo, Brazil, DocuSign wanted to incorporate existing brand design language while connecting with local culture. We designed a diverse workplace offering a range of choices in work settings and technology, allowing the team to select the right environment to meet the task at hand.

At a glance

  1. Choice in settings, privacy levels and technology supports team members’ needs.
  2. A uniquely shaped space captures views and daylight while supporting interaction.
  3. Locally-sourced artwork emphasises the vibrancy of São Paulo, while design language anchors the space in DocuSign brand culture.
office interior design

Located in Vila Olímpia, Brazil, the project sits next to the Pinheiros River and overlooks the Octávio Frias de Oliveira Bridge. Commonly known as Ponte Estaiada, the cable-stayed bridge is the only one in the world with two curved tracks supported by a single concrete mast – a spectacular viewpoint for the workspace. The unique ‘guitar pick’ shape of the space brings in views, while creating an interior circulation path that supports interaction and engagement.

DocuSign São Paulo’s various departments each require different levels of interactivity, privacy and technology. The design features an open floorplan with a mix of work settings. Required spaces and services are pulled into the core, opening up a natural circulation route. Open office and collaboration areas along the perimeter maximise access to daylight and provide 180-degree views for employee health and wellness.

workplace meeting room
workplace lounge seating

The flexible workspace offers a range of meeting rooms, private spaces and group settings to support heads-down work and collaboration. Seamless technology and AV capabilities ensure connectivity from any location. Integrating individual needs with tailored work environments motivates activities ranging from focus to innovation.

DocuSign looked to us to integrate their design standards for brand consistency, while celebrating the vibrancy of São Paulo and Brazilian culture. An iterative design process incorporating visualisation and client collaboration allowed the team to meet this goal. The design evolved during construction to adapt to locally available products and integrate nuances of Brazilian design and culture. A sophisticated, neutral palette offers consistency with other DocuSign global offices, providing a minimal, natural backdrop for bold and colourful artworks and accessories.

workplace open plan
office space design
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Sao Paulo


21,000 sq ft


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