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Reflecting city heritage and brand spirit

Emerson, Beijing

Emerson offers automation, commercial and residential solutions for its clients. On moving to a new workplace after 20 years in a previous location, the company wanted to create a strong sense of ‘home’ for its employees in Beijing. Emerson required an innovative space to support future business growth. Our design looked to build brand loyalty and a sense of belonging, while increasing productivity.


At a glance

  1. Creating a highly flexible, human-centric space to support workplace culture through scientific space planning.
  2. Reflecting the identity of city and brand to create a memorable user experience.
  3. A variety of settings inspired by activity-based work concepts for diverse needs.
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To help Emerson achieve its goal of creating a versatile and efficient workplace, we analysed the current space, focusing on key indicators such as space utilisation, work patterns, and growth expectations. Addressing the requirements of each department, our design solution incorporates fixed and free-address work arrangements with 65% of the space reserved for unassigned seating. The design increases space usage, while reinforcing a positive work culture and encouraging agile behaviours.

With a green wall and plenty of natural light, the space is a comfortable environment supporting health and wellbeing. Drawing on Beijing’s cultural heritage and Emerson’s brand spirit, the immersive space offers a unique site experience. At the entrance, the feature brick wall is a nod to the extensive city walls of old Beijing. The design also draws inspiration from landmarks including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven. Creative use of materials, textures, colours, and shapes come to life in the collaboration and refreshment areas. The result is a vibrant space that reflects the essence of the city.

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A reminder of Emerson’s industrial traditions and minimalist aesthetic, the design adopts a simple grey and white colour palette. The training room features ceiling lights creatively arranged to honour Emerson’s brand logo. The company’s iconic shade of blue strengthens brand awareness, creates sense of belonging, and offers a memorable visitor experience.

Activity and collaboration spaces are prioritised throughout the building core. Through careful arrangement the team created a partition between sound-sensitive focus areas and team interaction spaces. Enclosed collaboration spaces and telephone booths address the needs of the sales, engineering, and R&D teams. The open office includes breakout spaces for team working, supporting impromptu discussions and ad-hoc meetings, while encouraging an agile culture. This dynamic office environment balances focused work and privacy, while creating space for collaboration to support innovation.

Training facility design by M Moser in Shanghai.
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30,139 sq-ft

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