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A locally inspired workplace with individuals at heart

Epic, Melbourne

Global medical technology company, Epic reached out to us for integrated project delivery. We led the design and delivery of its new workspace in Melbourne, Australia. While many in the team are American, they desired to embrace the Australian culture and lifestyle with a local theme. This is particularly seen in areas dedicated to the Great Barrier Reef and The Outback.

At a glance

  1. Epic’s themed workspace creates a fun community experience for its young expat staff.
  2. A detailed planning process means that each person has an individual office, offering privacy and personalisation - key Epic values.
  3. As environmental branding brings authenticity to the theme, we engaged a local Australian artist to produce a custom mural and artwork.
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Creating the ‘Australiana’ theme

Epic’s Melbourne team wanted its ‘Australiana’ design to continue the tradition of having an office theme for each branch. Working with Epic, we created a high-quality, authentic brand experience. We considered every aspect through a detailed process for immersive results. Natural materials and quality finishes like marble mosaic floors and real timber were incorporated.

The central welcome area reflects the Australian Outback. It is complete with a campfire and rustic, earthen landscape colours. At the edge of the office, this transitions into the colours of the Great Barrier Reef. With features representing fish and the pink tones of coral. Intentional details like shell handles and driftwood pendants for lighting add to the theme.


The boardroom connects the Outback zone to the Great Barrier Reef theme. A glazed moving wall system opens up both sides, acting as a bridge between the welcome area and the café. Allowing ease of movement and interaction. It is a custom design for functionality, with high quality audio-visual connectivity.

sitting area furniture

Integrating local artistry

For environmental branding, we commissioned a local Australian artist to produce a custom mural and artwork for the space. This emphasises the ‘Australiana’ theme and ties together the Epic story and brand. Each office door features creative signs with names in calligraphy for a linked, yet personal experience.

Epic meeting room wall graphics
people in meeting room

With research and attention to detail, we developed a functional people-centric brand design embracing the local culture.



Completion date





7,750 sq ft

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