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Fosun, Shanghai

Fosun is a leading Chinese investment group. For its new Shanghai headquarters, the firm wanted to expand as a leading international player in the market. We created a new workplace that represents these new values to realise Fosun’s vision for the future.

At a glance

  1. A design that captures the firm’s evolving business goals for future growth.
  2. A unified workplace that weaves together multiple umbrella brand identities.
  3. A collaborative and sustainable workplace focused on efficiency and wellbeing.
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For its new Shanghai workplace, Fosun wanted to transform the behaviour and working habits of its staff, while creating a unified brand environment. Our design creatively captures the unique identity of Fosun’s umbrella brands, whilst tying them together. The focus was on elegance, nature, and a new way of working.

Taking a deep dive into Fosun’s existing processes and plans, we identified a variety of new elements for the design. Assessing the firm’s different brands, the team assigned a combination of colours and textures to the workspace, establishing a unique visual identity for each. The design blends these together to create a consistent experience. Bright and open, the new workspace features natural hues and textures, sweeping glass, and soft colour tones.

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For a collaborative and sustainable workplace, we applied a design concept around the key themes of: Green, Mobile, and Smart. The Green system includes high-voltage electrostatic precipitator equipment to isolate more than 90% of air pollutants; intelligent lighting controls; and a double filtration system for drinking water. The central staircase encourages mobility, with natural tones and textures, a lush green wall, and sculpted glass. The workplace takes on an open concept and Activity Based Working (ABW) approach to connect people and spaces. Smart design features include mobile and internet-based technologies. A tailor-made conference booking system uses thermal sensors to automatically open available resources and increase space efficiency.

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A new look-and-feel, and improved functionality have been key to supporting efficiency and wellbeing. Balancing beauty and practicality, Fosun’s new workplace supports the transformation of a growing company.

Interior design by M Moser in Shanghai featuring an employee lounge area.

The new space has transformed our way of working.

Chunling Zhang, Partner & Vice President, Fosun Property


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193,750 sq ft

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