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Inspiring connection through data centre design

GLP, Shanghai

Leading global industrial services and investment management company, GLP focuses on new infrastructure in the supply chain, big data and new energy sectors.

Generally, the workplace design for its Shanghai data team needed to reflect the brand and values within a comfortable environment. Expressing the distinct features of data centres was also important.

To creatively represent the technology from its data connectivity business, the new space is dotted with pixels in various combinations.

At a glance

  1. Inspired by GLP‘s business model, a pixel-inspired design concept offers an impactful brand journey.
  2. Diagonal instead of vertical lines encourage playful movement in the space.
  3. Graphic designs on the wall inspire creativity and support connection.
Inspired by pixels

The visual journey at GLP Shanghai begins with a “pixel wall” in the elevator lobby. Specifically inspired by image pixels, different coloured squares have been placed throughout the space to create a striking visitor experience.

GLP Shanghai workplace corridor

The inspiration for pixels comes from various elements of GLP’s business. Markedly, delivery boxes in logistics parks, containers in cargo ships, cabinets and servers in data centres, and more. The abstract expression of these objects is a rectangle, so we imagined them as tiny pixels connected by endless possibilities.

GLP Shanghai reception desk

Towards the front desk at GLP Shanghai is a 3D background wall. On the whole, it represents the ever-changing nature of data using pixel shapes that emerge from different angles. Moreover, these elements are brought to life across the office in pixel modules and graphic overlapping to create perspective shifts.

GLP workplace reception
GLP Shanghai workplace booths
GLP Shanghai workplace corridor
Encouraging movement

Equally, cream, white and grey tones in the office area nod to science and technology. We also integrated a pixel-combination design logic into the floor layout at GLP Shanghai. Furthermore, diagonal instead of vertical lines help encourage playful movement in the space.

GLP Shanghai work floor
GLP Shanghai workplace lounge
GLP Shanghai work floor
Supporting creativity

Bright and diverse collaborative spaces support discussion among different teams at GLP Shanghai. Graphic designs on the walls inspire people and encourage connection while creating space for innovation and creativity.

GLP Shanghai workplace booth

Overall, the workplace celebrates GLP’s business model, focusing on the details of data technology and spatial design to create endless possibilities.



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15,070 sq-ft


Vitus Lau

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