Bringing to life a vibrant brand destination

Spotify, Mumbai

The main goal for Spotify was to create a dynamic, inclusive and brand-led destination for its first purpose-made hub in the Indian market. Meaningful local references help develop connection while reflecting local values and culture. This immersive environment is an inspiring space that welcomes employees back. Thus, acting as an invitation for the local market to experience the brand.

At a glance

  1. A vibrant destination to promote the brand in an emerging market, attracting and engaging talent, creatives and the wider community.
  2. Celebrating the rich cultural heritage of India to create a memorable workplace experience.
  3. Supporting diverse individual needs by offering choice, comfort and a sense of wellbeing.
  4. Infusing Spotify's global design standards into localised spaces and materials.
  5. Curating a creative and inspiring user journey infused with local art and branded touchpoints.
global media company Mumbai collaboration zone

Problem-solving through design

The existing site was challenging, being a novel commercial space with deep internal pockets. However, it offered us the unique opportunity to cater an immersive user experience. A connection to the outside from inside the space is forged by a compelling use of the external tree line and nature – a rarity in terms of landscape design. 

sitting area global mumbai company
recreation area global media company mumbai

Internal and back-of-house functions like storage, server rooms and kitchens sit in a central block. We made the core a feature, cladding it in black engineered metal. Then, the long entrance transforms into an ‘Audio Tunnel’ experience. This passageway features a colour-changing LED installation. Additionally, audio content paves the way toward the company logo in neon, a signpost.

The Spotify logo wall adds to the entry experience, contrasting with the black architectural mesh of the core. Immediately, this space opens up to a window in the dynamic, hi-tech reception area.

global media company Mumbai workplace office corridor

Capturing diverse local culture

Moreover, inclusivity was important given India’s rich cultural heritage and diverse languages. So capturing the essence of local, warm and welcoming was key to attracting audio creatives and talent.

The central community space reflects the Angan or open courtyards in traditional Indian houses. Upon entering by the reception, there is a light-filled space that offers casual lounge settings.

Following that area, the public meeting areas and the Work Café supports different activities. Then, the Aangan transforms internal events. For example, training and townhalls along with public performances and launches.

office teapoint dining with people
Mumbai workplace black clad space

A place like home

The Divan, beside the Aangan, takes after the Divankhana, as an intimate and relaxing area. Therefore reflecting the hosting of guests in a traditional Indian home. So, the room is for work, rest or play.

Moreover, the multi-use space is dividable from the Aangan for privacy with contemporary Jaali sliding screens. Specifically, the materials and colours of both the Aangan and Divan, express the regional aesthetic. Additionally, they drive greater social connections, which support comfort and wellbeing. Overall, the spaces create a warm and memorable welcome and encourage spontaneous conversations.

Media company Mumbai workplace bright sitting area
Mumbai workplace workplace sitting area
Spotify Mumbai office design

Spaces for creativity and innovation

The result is an agile workspace for an innovative company with a progressive culture. So, the space fits the various needs of both teams and individuals. Additionally, it offers different modes of work to encourage creativity and innovation.

In particular, there are quiet spots for focused work and open, casual settings for collaboration. These combine with enclosed meeting rooms for presentations. Reset spaces for relaxation line the windows, and sit-stand workstations benefit from plenty of natural light.

people sitting in front of monochromatic graphic wall

A cultural brand-led experience

Graphics, installations and art pieces convey a sense of the company’s culture and values. For instance, the reception artwork shows people of various lifestyles lively listening to digital content. Also, the Aangan features drumheads from Indian percussion instruments. All spelling out ‘Hello’ in different Indian languages and scripts. Further representing audio, shared culture and a universal welcome.

Finally, the boardroom and listening room have striking wall and ceiling patterns made of Indian classical music. Altogether, conveying the brand while engaging the local creative community.

office art Spotify Mumbai
Mumbai workplace gray scale office lounge seating.
lively workplace screen with woman

Overall, drawing on home comforts we all know, this Spotify’s Indian hub puts wellbeing first. A welcoming world-class space. One that encourages connection, celebrates the culture and focuses on the future.

Following from its Singapore office, the project continues our relationship with the client.



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27,000 sq ft


Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

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